Lil Baby- PREACHERMAN Official Documentary


Quality Control presents PREACHERMAN, an original documentary starring Lil Baby. It is directed by Mandon Lovett and executive-produced by Pierre “Pee” …


  1. yoooo lil baby I treated your pops that he was just going to use you to leave ,mother fucker was a player ,AOL DAYS BRO I USED TO READ ALOT IN AOL GROUPS EYOOOO HAHA BRO IM IN BREWSTER NY IGHT 10509 YO DOGGY IM HERE FOR YOU I PROMISED YOU THAT ,I told you my name was FRANK YO THIS MY REAL NAME IMA BACK IN MY BIRTH PLACE YOOO

  2. me to bro ill be there I had you sent max ima like 4 life I ain't letting my mans fall like that TY I LOVE YOU EN ALWAYS WAS WATCHING YOUR BACK FAMILY BE CAREFULLY I CARE SO MUCH AND ALWAYS WILL BE HERE AND NOOO THANK YOU FOR STAYING TRUE

  3. Interesting documentary about Lil Baby.😊 Lil Baby loins and legacies should be doctors, real estate owners, bilingual workers , inventors, and scientists . Lots of responsibility with respect for his music and ambition.

  4. This gave me goosebumps this is exactly what I’m feelin daw and what I have done same ambitions seeing yo momma go threw shit makes you a man and pick up on shit going on .

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