1. Thanks Dr. On alternative days whilst intermittent fasting as oppose to just water I drink ribena which is high in vitamin C, strengthens my immune system and helps prevent colds and flus. Do you think it's ok to do this?

  2. Basically if you don’t want to raise insulin don’t eat anything as soon as you open your mouth insulin is released only fat does not .. frustrating … since I am insulin sensitive

  3. I was wondering about Papaya at the grocery store the other day. Half a cup wouldn't kick me out of ketosis, would it?

  4. Too much protein / over-consuming protein… but ZERO explanation of what that means.

    Is it safe to say that carnivores are proving every day that the “too much protein” isn’t practical? My carni buddies are over 250g/day… yet are always ketotic. Doesn’t that of necessity mean the insulinic response from “too much protein” is negligible to the point of moot?

  5. Is a ¼ cup of pomegranate juice going to spike my insulin? Been on keto for a few months but also want to boost my testosterone. Heard pomegranate juice will help bump up T

  6. If someone is in the gym, they're probably there to put on muscle. So I would think they would want to eat 5-6 small meals/day to keep insulin up since it is a growth hormone, correct?

  7. Dear Dr. Zyrowski, thank you so much. I have tried the bone broth soup diet and the water diet, as I dislocated my shoulder I couldn't workout. I dropped 6 kg within a month and I can see fat went away from my belly region. Without working out shedding fat following your diet is amazing. Also I have not taken any sugar for about a month, fruits only green apple and lots of greens. Best Youtube channel ever

  8. I have a good substitute even for plain Greek Yoghurt, which can be the one lowest in carbs. I use Quark, which is kind of “inbetween” cream cheese and yoghurt. (In Germany, where I grew up before immigrating to the US, Quark gets used in ways and recipes that typically use either yoghurt or softened cream cheese, in the US.) Whole Foods sells the Vermont Creamery brand. You can find it in the cooler case, near packaged cheeses.

  9. I know it's not but the video but I have a question:
    How long does it take for insulin levels to return to normal or baseline after eating?
    I've been doing either 16/8 or OMAD everyday for months now but I never know when I'm officially "in a fasted state"
    I usually count 4 hours after my meal because from what I saw it takes about 2-4 hours for insulin to return to return to normal but I'm not sure is that's accurate or not

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