Meet Delaware Teen Who Takes Cannabis Oil to Stop Tumors


Rylie Maedler, 13, takes cannabis oil once in the morning, during lunch, at dinner and before bed. The Delaware teen has been taking it since she was 7 after …


  1. Hate how some people use it in a bad way but the kid is using bc its neccessary its helpful and for them it's a choice and for them its not

  2. It’s sooo expensive, here in NJ medical marijuana is 400$ an ounce! That’s not including the 600$ a year for the Doctor. If it’s going to be legal, maybe it can become a bit more affordable!

  3. This will probably get lost in the comments but Rylie does not take “CBD without THC” for anyone inquiring. She takes a full spectrum cannabis oil that contains CBD and approximately 7% THC, she also takes THCA and a few other cannabis products as you could see such as a nasal spray. Her regimen is suited for her needs as it should be for any medical patient.

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