Aloe Vera & Organic Weed COB LED Cycle 2 No Till 11


Welcome to Herbin Farmer NoTill Living Organics. Follow me as I learn indoor, no till organic cannabis gardening with worms, cover crop, DIY sub irrigation …


  1. Hello Herb beautiful job as usual. I’m still gathering my ducks & Getting them in a row. So let me ask you what happened to that center LED panel you had up there. That was you Herb
    wasn’t it?

  2. It doesnt look very productive… My common indoor produces more weed and its much cheaper. In my humble opinion, there is too much liters of soil, and the roots dont fill It Up. So it is a waste of soil and production. I use individual pots of 11 liters, but you could use Up to 20 liters for plants like yours. For indoor use, a plant can never be bigger than that, you would need a factory. Individual pot is very useful. You can control better the feeding of your plants. I would try a plant per cob lamp.
    Anyways, you know better than anybody your indoor, so good job and keep trying new things and upload videos to let us know. 😉

  3. Outstanding. Hard as heck for 200 gallon fabric pots to maintain field capacity water-air ratio in the big and small pores in soil. since you use aloe powder, use Fresh Live Aloe, the first 15 mins when denatured (aloe cuts off) gives the Most benefits that powder doesn't give.

  4. Always enjoy your updates. I can't remember if your driver's are dimmable but even if they are and you're dimmed down to 50% , Im surprised you're able to run your lights so close to the canopy. Running 3070s at ~90% keeps my lights 2.5ft+ away from the canopy What am I missing? Thanks for your time.

  5. the only other advice i would say doing these 250 gallon pots is to get a bunch of rooted clones no taller than 6 inches and flower straight away..think about it logically veg they stretch and you end up with a 3rd waste from the bottom straight away…so you lose a 3rd…no veg gives the plant buds from top to bottom…keep up the no till…and think about this too if a mature plant like yours flowers out the stems and root will be massive from seed as they have a main tap root…clones dont and 12/12 from seed have thinner stems…usually ending up the thickness of a finger but all solid bud..them big plants are not designed for this unless you put one plant in there..

  6. great to see how others are driving their COB's(thank you for the info right off) I'm just adding my last 6 to my 6 current and I ran mine about 12+" off the top of canopy also worried about being to close. I use comparable reflectors so they are probably ok at the 8-10" level like yours. Just starting flower on mine now. My Vero COB's are also running lower but 1400mA.

  7. I always love your updates, VERY CLEAN, short, FOCUSED & to the point!!!! keep them coming!!! 😘👏👏👏👏🔥💨💨💨👍👍👍👍

  8. Thanks for the update. That one leaf issue might be something with that fan. Might be breathing too much; over-transpiring (might be the correct term.). The leaves turns down to lessen surface area. Maybe but what do I know from one second of video. Lol.

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