Season 7.5 Autoflower Cannabis grow.


Hi everyone, Cheers! so here is footage of the rest of season 7 grow of HSO OG Kush, and Dr. Krippling Incredible bulk, followed by current grow season 8. of …


  1. Hey, Glad to see you back man! I love you channel… Watching your channel Is what made me decide to grow auto flowers for my first grow. We just legalized medical marijuana here in Oklahoma and I got my card as soon as I could with full intentions on growing. Ive grown before just never autos and the quick return on them made them very appealing to me. Then seeing how big and the yield you got of a few of yours, Like that darkdevil, made me decide. I went with Dutch Passion GlueBerry O.G. and Colorado Cookies and a Critical Orange Punch by seedsman seeds. check them out sometime if you want. Anyway, again, glad you back making videos bro. have a good grow!

  2. Hope this finds you happy and well brother. Make music grow and maintain man. Good to seya ,by the way some very nice Guitars could you play us a song sometime? stay lifted and be happy

  3. Glad you are back, you have a small but loyal following. I have been watching your videos for 2 years.
    I recently started uploading clips of my grows. I will be uploading small but too the point video clips 3-4 times a week showing my grows and other grows I have access too.
    I have 14 autos going right now. 7 Incredible bulk Autos, 5 White Widow XXL Autos and 2 Mango Bubble Cloud Autos. I have some pretty big ones too.
    Check them out New clips uploaded 3-4 times a week.

  4. Glad to see ur back big guy! Got 3 incredible bulk autos at day 88 still look like they have at least another 2 weeks to go, i remember you saying you had one tht went to 107 days was it? Again glad to see ur back making vids cheers!

  5. Glad to see you back brother. Now I unfortunately have to take a break due to unforeseen circumstances. Once I'm able to start growing again I'll be making a video. Cheers and Peace

  6. very nice the babys blessings keep going up more videos greetings from la serena chile..pd: coul you tell me someone from the channel or you with your experience that you what cannabis indica can leave me on the couch that is ko. thanks

  7. Amazing buds! I think you could benefit from Lst and supercropping I use both and I get bushy plants with even colas that get all as much light. Then mild defoliation in around second week of flowering for more light penetration and bigger buds! Congratulations again for your nice buds you grow!

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