How To Silence A Noisy Aquarium Air Pump ?


Noisy Aquarium Air Pump ? How To Silence A Noisy Aquarium Airpump Tutorial In today’s video I show you How To Silence A Noisy Aquarium Air pump With …


  1. This is the most silly idea Ive ever seen. Guys dont do it! First, the pump will start vibrating inside jar after while and will start touching its sides and shaking it (would you trust a tape for a long term?) making horrible noise and eventually will cause a pump to fail. Second, the jar is mostly sealed with the tape. There is no access of fresh oxygen to air pump input. Its suffocating and all its doing is pumping a co2 to your aquarium which is a complete opposite to what you want (there will be bubbles allright… but full of co2). Your fish will die. Not without a reason people keep air pumps outside their house for a fresh air input (or even feed a hose through a wall/window of your house to suck in fresh air).
    Or why dont you just hang it on a hook by the cord? It doesnt touch anyhing and its silent. Try to keep it close to fresh air source for best results. This is my recommendation. Good luck

  2. The "Silent Giant" air pumps actually had the pumping apparatus inside a gravel filled container. They made no noise at all. Years ago, I put a noisy Hush 1 pump in a coffee can filled with gravel to silence it. That might work even better than suspending it in an empty jar.

  3. THANK YOU!!!!! You have answered a problem I have been dealing with since I having aquariums. Also have the same problem with duct tape being a pain!

  4. i have a real buzzy air pump that looks just like that one. This morning i decided to do something about it and I stapled it in the boards in a modern pay plastic bag folded and slung under it into the pine board ikea furniture thing that holds the aquarium above. 2 staples in one side of the sling and one on the other. So far so good. This jar thing takes at least 5 minutes lomger to do but you dont gotta have a stapler and I know how some of you dont equip yourself with tools.

  5. You can get REALLY quiet air pumps like the aPump that operate basically silently. I have a tiny piezoelectric Japanese-made air pump called the Nisso Mute S that makes only the tiniest of humming noises. I sleep a foot away from it with no problems.
    The only cons are they don't move a lot of air (although mine runs a box filter in my 25 gallon just fine) and they are a little pricey too ($35ish).

  6. that is a great idea but that pump wont last long before it burns up. you dont have enough air flow to the pump. you have more air coming out the going into the pump. make the hole bigger in the tape.

  7. I was looking through some of your older stuff and I actually found three that I haven't seen till now and this is one of them. They are also the only three videos you have that didn't get a thumbs up from me… Till now 🙂
    There were and still are a few that I didn't like as much because of different reasons.
    A.) They were simple "common sense" but I give you the thumbs up anyway (because "common sense" isn't common these days. If things aren't bought up, people won't bother to notice them)
    B.) been done hundreds of times, by others with aquariums, vivariums or any other type of animal habitat. Thumbs up for the fact that you work hard at pointing out everything in detail, explaining as well as visual instructions giving everyone not just the "how" but more importantly, the "why"
    C.) I may have something that works better in my opinion or I though of ways to improve what you've done.
    365 days in a year
    + 365 videos
    = 365 thumbs up,
    Congrats to you sir!

  8. I believe most people get way too hung up on trivialities like air pump noise.Their own breathing makes about as much noise.Especially if they're more than 10 feet away from the "offending" pump".

  9. i have got a precision 800 air pump brand new, it states super silent i turn it on on its like being in the barbers shop the noise is terrible can u help me many thanks

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