1. Getting a second opinion is great advice. I kept getting fustrated with the Drs when they told me my daughter does not have EDS because her skin does not stretch, and ignoring all the other signs. Never give up, especially if you have done research and strongly believe you know the name of her pandora box of health problems.

  2. Obviously we do not know the whole situation – but if this surgery doesn't give the intended results I would strongly suggest that you ask about removing the entire toenail. Fingers crossed for you, Jaquie!

  3. Hi Jaquie. I just want to say that I'm loving the way you are doing your vlogs now. I really miss your daily vlogs but I am glad you found a way to continue sharing your story with us.

  4. I had that surgery as a kid on both my big toes. They did it as a outpatient and froze my foot which works for me. They made an incision up the side of my toe past my nail and took out the nail bed where the toe nail grows from so that it cant grow back. I have tiny skinny nails now but its so much better than the painful infected toes that I lived with for years.

  5. It looks like you might be wearing shoes that are too small for you.
    Your left big toe curves way further inward than it normally would at your age and you said you have nerve damage in your feet in a previous video, I think, so it's possible you could not be feeling that your feet are being crushed and I would seriously consider looking into wider shoes.

  6. This maybe a really stupid question and if it is I apologise (I don't know a lot about feet) but why not just entirely remove the nail and the stuff that makes the nail grow…? Again if it's a stupid question then I apologise. Keep strong!

  7. I have had mrsa three times in the past few years. I just recently had it on my face, and learnt about something new. Once you no longer have an active mrsa infection you apply mupirocin on/in your nose to try and get rid of the mrsa colonization. As I am immune to some antibiotics, this was recommended to me to hopefully stop my mrsa infections. I dont know if you have tried this or heard about this, but anything to get rid of mrsa is a plus I think.

  8. I am so glad that you are comfortable with and trust your podiatrist. And you are right…..sometimes you need a fresh perspective and you should never feel badly if you choose to get a second opinion. Some physicians and specialists are just NOT a good fit for everyone. You want someone who will work with you to find the best treatment plan for your health issues……totally agree!! Some good points to think about, Jaquie! I pray that this surgery will finally resolve the problems that you have been experiencing. 🙏🏻🤗❤️

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